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お料理の教室/Cooking class

日時 / DATE
2018/12/15 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
料金 / PRICE

アトリエ教室のご予約Atlier classe reservation

項目の赤文字部分は必須となります。The red part of the item is required.

This event has ended.

アトリエ教室の詳細Atlier classe details

フランスの古城で過ごすディナー(このアトリエ教室は終了しました。)Dinner at an old French castle (This atelier class has ended.)


Everyone will cook a Christmas menu inspired by a French castle.
We offer three course dishes, mainly meat and seafood, and one dessert.

毎月のアトリエクラスではテーマを決め、フランスの田舎料理、田舎菓子、郷土料理、郷土菓子、家庭料理、家庭菓子、また ヨーロッパを中心としたメニューをご用意いたしております。

The monthly atelier class has a theme and offers French country cuisine, country confectionery, regional cuisine, regional confectionery, home confectionery, home confectionery, and a menu centered around Europe.
Flowers on the table can be taken home.

エプロン、お手拭き、カメラなど ※初回はお持ち帰り用のケーキの箱、バッグをご用意しています。
1回:10,000円お料理(試食)とお菓子(基本的にお一人一台作ります)と、お花(持ち帰り)の材料費込*特別月の場合は12,000円 15,000円(花材、花器により変わる場合がございます)

To our foreign guests

Near Umekoji Park in Kyoto’s “Central Park”, our classroom is a place where students can learn to cook Japanese-style dishes, and Japanese sweets in a warm, friendly, at home setting in which they can increase their understanding of Japanese culture.
One lesson
Semi-private 4 to 6 participants.
Lesson fee
10,000 – 15,000 Japanese yen per person. This fee includes ingredients and the original recipe. We are very sorry but we can only accept cash.

If you would like to learn something in particular, please mail us in advance. There may be some recipes we cannot make due to seasonal availability of ingredients. If you would simply like to learn how to prepare a recipe, we will decide the dishes.
If there are any ingredients which you are unable to eat due to allergies etc., please let us know in advance and we will select alternatives.

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